Revenge Served Cold


RevengeCvrPaterson rolled over on his back, breathing heavy, sweat rolling off his face.  Theresa sat up, straddled him and laid her head on his chest.  She was still shaking.  “God, I’m going to miss this,” she said.
“You don’t have too,” he replied.
“We’ve had this conversation before.  What happened to safe, or do I need to remind you of our discussion of the state of our world?”
“I don’t want to lose you and that discussion took place at another time – ages ago.”
“You can’t lose something you didn’t have.  Prior to ten days ago, you didn’t know me.  I have to admit however, you have found spots within me, I never knew existed.  You are one hell of a lover.”
“Never have been before, but something in you – changes me.  I want to make you happy.  I get the impression sometimes, that it’s been a long time since you have been truly happy.”
“Can’t say.  I’ve always been a doom and gloom child.  After my father died, and my mother turned to drinking, I was left to fend on my own.  I was lucky in that I had an uncle who took me under his wing.  I fought him, a lot, but he always knew what was best for me.  Because he was a cop too, he understood when I said I wanted to join the force.  He helped make a path for me, but then stayed out of anything else.  He wasn’t going to make it easy on me and I got no favoritism.”
“I didn’t know you had an uncle who is a cop.  Do I know him?”
“You should, you’ve been working with him for the last seven days.”
“Jesus Christ, Griffins your uncle?  You didn’t tell me.  Does he know about us?”
“Oh hell yes.  He approves.  He said you’re one of the good guys.  Besides, I’m over 21.  I make my own life.”
“Crap.  I didn’t know,” Paterson moaned.
“Do you have regrets now that you do?”
“God no. Not any.  I’m just surprised.  He never said a word to me.”
“That’s ‘because he respects you.  He didn’t want to make it awkward between you and him, because he saw how much you mean to me.”
“I mean something to you.  You mean because we have a fantastic sex life together?”
“No, I’ll admit it’s something deeper than that.  We may have stepped beyond the safe boundary we set for ourselves.  Something deeper is happening and I am not sure I want it to quit either, but I’m afraid.”
“We’ve got another 30 minutes together.  In that time, let me see if I can change your mind.”
“What are you going to do – talk me to submission?”
“Oh no baby, there will be no talking,” and with that, he rolled her over and began trailing kisses down her stomach, breathing in her sex.  She cried in pleasure, protesting weakly, crying that she couldn’t take any more.  She cried that she was exhausted, sore, all the while pushing him deeper – crying in pleasure that he was playing unfair, then pushing him even deeper still.”

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