About Gary A. Clark

G. Allen Clark is a contemporary writer, known for both his historical fiction as well as his Business e-books.  Gary started out life in Michigan, born in the era of the baby boomer.  A year after graduation, he entered the Navy at the height of the Viet Nam war.  He volunteered for Submarines Service because, as he tells it, he never heard of a Viet Cong Submarine.  During the late 60’s and war torn 70’s, his street education as a police officer, got him started in mystery writing and his first attempt at “painting pictures with words,” recording the characters he encountered with all their flaws and attributes.  The Hitchhiker series started as a one of these characters.  Not published for 21 years, the author named the hitchhiker Vince Roberts and expanded his persona into the first of the Vince Roberts books “Show Low,”   The second book in the series, “Carrascos Gold” , has just been released, with the first five chapters here.  Both books are now available in print and e-book format.

These novels as well as his commercial books can be found at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/GAClark

2 responses to “About Gary A. Clark

  1. Mark Masias

    Nice read….
    How’s it going?



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