About Write4Me

I have the unique knack for extrapolating information from mundane and obscure facts, then tweaking that information into a unique communication, blog or sales copy designed to sell your product, your service or your ideas. Following is a brief overview of the type of projects I do. Please review, discuss and then call me. Let’s talk about your project. The consultation is free, and the results will be effective. Call me @ 719-209-1236 or e-mail me at
gaclark -at-write4me.net (replace the -at- with an @)

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With daily revenue being the gauge used to measure the difference between thriving or simply surviving, I know there are many companies not getting the daily revenue they expect. In many cases, I can point to the message they are sending as a possible reason. Make no mistake; your prospects may never know the benefits of your offer—unless you have the words – the right words – that get results. From Advertorials to Web site content — the voice has to be succinct, exciting, and calling for action. If not, you are wasting time and money in that message. I have 25 plus years of commercial writing background, spanning a wide area of knowledge and industries. I get excellent results, high response rates and I get working on the copy – until we get those rates. My fees are reasonable and my work is accurate and on time.

Typical Projects
Feature Articles
1. First Person Articles
2. Advertorials
3. Newsletter Articles , etc
4. Topic Specific Blog Articles

5. Resumes, Carpi Vita’s, Promotional Materials

6. Editing, Rewrite, Word Smithing,

7. Optimizing,

8. Conversion to E-Book format

Web Content
1. Landing Pages
2. Registration Pages
3. Redevelopment

1. PowerPoint
2. Video Advertising Slides for Google or YouTube
3. Webinars/Seminars Production & marketing

Advertising / Marketing
copy and design for
1. E-mail marketing
2. Post Cards
3. Direct Mail Letters
4. Brochures
5. Marketing Materials
6. Handouts, Flyers
7. News / Press Releases

I'm interested in your feedback. Please comment.

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