Mickey Mouse Fountain Pens

The Mouse lives. Funny, I never thought of Micky Mouse as being a favorite collectable pen, but I can see where it could be. Great post.

Fountain Pen Restoration


This week’s pen comes from a trade with a fellow collector. A while back, I wrote about a Popeye Pen (November 2010), another cartoon character that was popular in the early to mid 1900s.

Below, you can see the pen after I took it apart.  The pressure bar is still in good condition and usable, so I left it in the barrel.  As you can see, the sac had hardened and broke apart as I emptied and cleaned out the barrel.  The section and feed are in good shape, but you can see that most of the gold plate on the nib has faded away.


Cleaning the exterior of these decorated pens is not as easy as a vintage Duofold, as one has to weave around the gold plated clips, levers, and artwork.  I was able to clean out most of the grime and scratches from the black plastic without…

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